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Spark Joy and Ignite Love: The Art of Handcrafted Scented Candles from Vintage Timbers

Welcome back to another blog post! This time, I'm shining a light (pun very much intended) on Lola and Dunelly’s artisanal candle brand: Vintage Timbers. Our handcrafted scented candles and lovingly made candles are here to elevate our curated gifts that speak volumes without saying a word.

 Handcrafted Scented Candles by Vintage Timbers Candle
Vintage Timbers Candle by Lola & Dunelly

In a world of mass-produced items, we take pride in offering a collection of handcrafted candles that embody the essence of quality over quantity. Our commitment to artisanal excellence ensures that each candle tells a story, sparks emotion, and adds a touch of warmth to every space.

Small Batches, Big Impact: I am no stranger to picking up a mass-produced candle and sticking it in my cart because I like the smell in the store. Inevitably, that smell does not last when lit, and my candle remains half-burnt. Vintage Timber candles are unlike mass-produced candles that prioritize quantity, and we take pride in the art of small-batch production. This approach lets us pay close attention to detail, ensuring that every candle meets our exacting standards.

Handcrafted Scented Candles

Let’s get into what we are all here for, including me—a few of my favorite and best-seller candle scents. Our curated collection boasts a symphony of fragrances designed to elevate your senses. Whether you prefer the nostalgic smell of an evening campfire after a day of autumn adventures or being transported to the serenity of the sea, all of our scents are blended to create a journey that transforms any space into a haven of comfort and tranquility. Check out the end of this blog to find the perfect scent for you, with a carefully curated list that matches our unique candle scents to your utterly unique personality!

Lola and Dunelly and Vintage Timbers are so much more than luxury gift sets, and our handcrafted candles are more than just gifts; they embody the dedication and passion we invest in every creation.

We invite you to explore our curated collection, where quality takes precedence, and each candle tells a story of craftsmanship and authenticity. Illuminate all of life's moments, where the flicker of a flame becomes a celebration of artistry, quality, and the joy of gifting.

Our Best Sellers and my favorites picks!


Vintage Timbers- Chardonnay Candle:

This one is for The Sophisticated Socialite. With notes of oak, grape, and subtle fruits, you can enjoy the finer things in life and have a taste for the elegance you always surround yourself with. 

Vintage Timbers Chardonnay Scented candle by Lola and Dunelly
Vintage Timbers Chardonnay

Vintage Timbers- Easy Sunday Candle:

Calling The Relaxed Bohemian. Allow your easygoing and free-spirited nature to flourish with this comforting candle. With notes of sea salt, dew, and vanilla, making this your go-to candle is as easy as a Sunday morning. 

Vintage Timbers Easy Sunday Scented Candle
Vintage Timbers Easy Sunday Candle

Vintage Timbers- Cabin Fever Candle:

You already know this is for The Outdoor Adventurer. The notes of amber and warm sandalwood will be the perfect match for your adventurous, nature-loving, and rugged way of life. Bring your favorite cabin feeling into your home. 

Vintage Timbers Easy Sunday Candle best candle for cozy weather
Vintage Timbers Easy Sunday Candle

Vintage Timbers- Love Potion Number 9 Candle:

Vintage Timbers- Love Potion Number 9 Candle: Unlike the dreamer, this candle is for The Flirtatious Romantic. Add a touch of magic to life with notes of apple, peach, hydrangea, and a hint of musk. This candle was poured for the person who loves to infuse a bit of romance and allure into their surroundings.

Vintage Timbers Love Potion number nine scented Candle
Vintage Timbers Love Potion #9 Candle

Vintage Timbers- After Midnight Candle:

Perfect for the cozy Night Owl. Light up the darkness of night with notes of black currants, raspberries, anise, and sweet amber. This candle is sure to awaken your senses and fill your space with its captivating aroma.

Vintage Timbers After Midnight scented Candle by lola and dunelly
Vintage Timbers After Midnight Candle

Our candles are not just ordinary candles. They are a product of passion and dedication, each one crafted meticulously by hand to perfection, with sustainability and comfort in mind. We aim to capture the essence of cabin living and outdoor serenity, and our eco-conscious practices ensure that our candles and packaging leave a gentle footprint on the earth. We use only the finest materials, such as soy coconut wax and zinc-free 100% cotton wicks, to create candles that you will fall in love with and offer you comfort at the strike of a match.

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