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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Realtors: Show Your Appreciation In Style

Quick and Easy "Thank You" Gift Idea For a Realtor

We received a request from a realtor for a simple thank-you gift for her client. This gift is easy to assemble and leaves a big impression.

This is only one of many realtor gift ideas. The packaging is easy to assemble: we added a few live herbs (or you can also use cut herbs) in a small leak proof bag place in the box envelope and add your favorite bow!


Your List of Gift Items

  • Cute Packaging

  • Two to Three Live Herbs (we love rosemary and mint)

  • Favorite Bow to tie your gift all together

Whether you're celebrating a successful closing, expressing gratitude for exceptional service, or simply extending a token of appreciation, let Lola and Dunelly be your partners in gifting excellence. Explore our curated collection today and elevate your expressions of gratitude to new heights.


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Lola and Dunelly Best Gifts for all occasions

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