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Berkeley Diaries: Gift Giving Love Language

Personal Gift Giving Love Language

Happy Monday, and welcome back to another Lola and Dunelly blog post! I had some plans for this post, but after spending a weekend in Berkeley, I was inspired to talk about something else! So, let’s dive into something that is often on my mind when visiting a new place – gift giving love language.

While walking around downtown Berkeley, I kept thinking about what I could get as a gift for my sisters. Giving gifts is definitely my love language and it is how I show the people in my life that I care and cherish them. All I wanted was to find the perfect thing that showed them how much I cared, but I could not find anything that did that. There were postcards, stickers, and all sorts of trinkets, but nothing that captured how much I love my sisters.

Hear me out; of course, visiting a gift shop (shop local) and getting the comfy sweatshirt with the town name on it is absolutely a keepsake and a great way to commemorate a trip! I do not want to discourage you from that rite of passage when on vacation. However, as I have gotten older, collected more bills to pay, and realized the importance of space (I have a smaller apartment) – gifting small nick nacks and keychains with their name on it are just impractical and impersonal.

So, I left Berkeley with a UC Berkeley sweater – Go Bears! – no gifts for my sisters, and strong feelings about giving meaningful and memorable gifts.

Meaning Full Gift Giving

How does this connect to Lola and Dunelly? Well, we are in the business, literally, of curating a gifting experience that is not only personal but memorable. So, let’s get into what makes a gift memorable.

First and foremost, it is all about personal connection. Memorable gifts are not about the price tag; they are about the personal touch. You could spend and spend on a gift, but still have something that lacks that connection. When working with Lola and Dunelly for gifts, consider the hobbies, interests, like and dislikes of the person you are shopping for. A gift should be something that can be enjoyed by the recipient, and that enjoyment comes from personal connections. We have something for everyone, and we won’t have you breaking the bank to find a memorable gift or gift, your love.

Now we might not all like surprise parties (my experiences with those can be saved for a whole different blog, LOL), but almost everyone feels some kind of excitement when there is a present just for them to open. So that shows when curating a memorable gift for someone special in your life, presentation matters. The way a gift is presented can elevate the entire experience. Lola and Dunelly,.

With many things in life, good memories come from quality over quantity. When looking for that perfect gift, consider the gifts that are made to last and stand the test of time. After the excitement of opening a gift fades, a well-crafted gift will be enjoyed and hold sentimental value. At Lola and Dunelly, we work hard to ensure our gifts are high quality and made of the best materials and ingredients.

In a world that moves at a fast pace (I promise one of these days I will stop harping on how fast life moves, but let’s be honest, I probably won’t), the art of giving memorable gifts serves as a reminder of the importance of meaningful connection. Gifts are about so much more than things; it's about the emotions, memories, and joy that come with it. So, the next time you find yourself contemplating a gift, reflect on how the most memorable presents are the ones that touch the heart and linger in the soul, and remember that Lola and Dunelly is here to help you do just that.

That’s all for this blog, stay tuned for more! Leave us a comment below about the time you received a memorable gift, and what made it so special. 

gift giving love language by Kaylee



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