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Birthday Gifts: Summer Gifting with Lola and Dunelly

Summer In The Sun Birthday Gifts: Lola and Dunelly

Hi everyone, welcome back to another Lola and Dunelly blog post. I hope my readers in California enjoyed the sunshine as much as I did this past week. It nourished a bit of my soul to soak up the sunshine by the pool some afternoons. It also got me in the mood to be on the lookout for all my Spring essentials.

This post is to create ideas for birthday gifts and fun summer gift-giving ideas.

Spring is here! Yay, Spring Equinox has passed, and with all the sunshine these past few days, it just felt fitting to talk about Lola and Dunelly's Spring Products. As the weather warms up, it's time to take the festivities outdoors.

My absolute favorite part of Spring is when the Farmer’s Markets start back up again. There is nothing like strolling in the sunshine between the booths, smiling at all of the small businesses, the talented artisans, and dedicated local farmers, and filling up your bags. 

So, why not have the cutest bags to fill?

Lola and Dunelly have the perfect Spring tote bags, and I for one will be rocking them at all the farmers' markets this Spring.

 Just look at these!

Those bags couldn't be any cuter and say “Spring Is Here!” any louder. These bags are 100% natural cotton with handles that are over shoulder length, perfect for your spring strolls. Lightweight and thin for comfort and easy storage, but durable material that will hold up for all your adventures.

Don’t forget to snag your Lola and Dunelly branded tote bag, too, and represent your favorite curated gift company!

Now, for this next product, it's a personal preference, however, I ADORE a little sparkle on me, especially when I will be out in the sunshine more. So I will be wearing the Naked Bar Co. Gold Shimmer Body Oil this Spring. This lightweight, moisturizing blend of oils with a subtle hint of mica shimmer is designed to moisturize and illuminate the skin. It features the calming scent of lavender combined with the warm notes of vanilla, the perfect scent combo for early Spring.

Get ya shine on!

Gold Body shimmer oil

Get ya shine on!

In my opinion, I saved the best for last, but I am a cup and tumbler girl at heart. So, let’s get into the perfect cups for all your Spring beverage needs. 

Now, I am of the mindset that iced coffee is a year-round beverage, but how cute is the Plants, Coffee & Sunshine Glass Cup for your iced coffees this Spring? This cup is the perfect gift for your coffee-plant-loving friends, but like I said at the start of this post, it is a great gift for yourself! This cup is made of high-quality glass with a bamboo lid and glass straw to keep beverages cold for longer.

Spring is lovely, but adding some bubbles can make it that much sweeter. Either champagne or sparkling water, these adorable bubbly tumblers are perfect to keep your chilled beverages cold and tasty. With a 6oz or 12oz option, you are ready to go. 

That is all I have for today, my lovely readers. I hope you are enjoying the start of Spring no matter what you are up to. If you are spring cleaning, I applaud you and challenge you to do something for yourself when you reach the finish line. If you are soaking up the sun, make sure to wear your sunscreen and know that I am jealous!

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