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Unwrapping the Meaning Behind the Gifts: Getting to Know Lola and Dunelly: A Gift Box Company

Lola and Dunelly: A gift box company

The world is moving faster today than ever before. The newest trends are over before they start, consumption is at an all-time high, and life seems filled with moments that are always fleeting.

It is with feelings of missing out and moving on too quickly that I have been fortunate enough to join the Lola and Dunelly team and take over as our in-house blog and content writer! Lola and Dunelly is a gift box company that captures moments of love, joy, and the importance of thoughtful and magical gifts. I am thrilled to share the journey of our small curated gift company and the passion that goes into each carefully selected item. In a world that moves so fast, it's essential to slow down and enjoy moments that make people feel loved, seen, cherished, and celebrated.

Curated gift boxes by lola and dunelly

So without further ado, hello, everyone and welcome to the very first blog from Lola and Dunelly. My name is Kaylee, and I am a twenty-four-year-old teacher, daughter, avid reader, and most recently, a blog writer! From here on out, I will be writing the blogs at Lola and Dunelly, and I am beyond excited. As someone whose love language revolves around gift-giving, I cannot think of something I am more excited and passionate about to write blogs for.

I have been a part of the Lola and Dunelly family since the beginning, as my mom helped our founder get started with small events and other things when the business was starting. Since then, I have seen Lola and Dunelly flourish into what we all know and love — a thoughtful, utterly unique, and personalized gift-giving company that has something for everyone and every occasion.

Gifting and Connecting People

Let's get real; gifting isn't just about things. It's about spreading good vibes, showing love, and hopefully stealing a few smiles along the way. At Lola and Dunelly, we are all about that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you hand someone the perfect present. It’s not just this that makes Lola and Dunelly so special, but the fact that we strive for the luxurious and high-end feeling that our brand prides itself on. My goal for this blog is entirely the same. I want to create posts that you all fall in love with, inspire your gifts, and provide you with one more way to connect with Lola and Dunelly. These blog posts will be focused on our gifts, some behind-the-scenes content, stuff about me as your author, and much more! I plan to keep this initial post short because I am too excited to start writing future posts.

If you made it this far in the blog, first, thank you!! Next, there will be plenty more to come, so subscribe to our newsletter and updates so you never miss a post. The next post will talk all about something we have probably all done at some point, no matter how hard we all work to avoid it! Until then, capture moments and celebrate with your loved ones. Leave a comment and say hello!


Blog Writer for Lola & Dunelly

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